A TCP library for .NET with support for AES encryption.
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TcpDotNet is a .NET Standard 2.1 package that enables you to perform server/client communications over the TCP protocol. This package is a work-in-progress and not deemed ready for production use. However, it is available on NuGet as a very crude and early development build. This package will be maintained as I see fit.

(I'm also dogfooding this library, so there's that.)


NuGet installation

Install-Package TcpDotNet -Version 0.1.0-nightly.1

Manual installation

Download the latest release from this repository and adding a direct assembly reference for your chosen platform.


Contributions are welcome. Feel free to open an issue or PR for any bugs you notice or features this library needs.


TcpDotNet is released under the MIT License. See here for more details.