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## How you can contribute
Contributions to this project are always welcome. If you spot a bug, or want to request a new extension method, open a new issue
or submit a pull request.
### Pull request guidelines
This project uses C# 11.0 language features where feasible, and adheres to StyleCop rules with some minor adjustments.
There is an `.editorconfig` included in this repository. For quick and painless pull requests, ensure that the analyzer does not
throw warnings.
Please ensure that you follow the [Conventional Commits](
specification, as the GitHub release for this project is automatically generated from the commit history, and formatted using the
convetional commits specification.
### Code style
Below are a few pointers to which you may refer, but keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list:
- Use C# 11.0 features where possible
- Try to ensure code is CLS-compliant. Where this is not possible, decorate methods with `CLSCompliantAttribute` and pass `false`
- Follow all .NET guidelines and coding conventions.
- Make full use of XMLDoc and be thorough - but concise - with all documentation
- Ensure that no line exceeds 130 characters in length
- Do NOT include file headers in any form
- Declare `using` directives outside of namespace scope
- Avoid using exceptions for flow control where possible
- Use braces, even for single-statement bodies
- Use implicit type when the type is apparent
- Use explicit type otherwise
- Use U.S. English throughout the codebase and documentation
When in doubt, follow .NET guidelines.
### Tests
When introducing a new extension method, you must ensure that you have also defined a unit test that asserts its correct behavior.
The code style guidelines and code-analysis rules apply to the `X10D.Tests` as much as `X10D`, although documentation may
be briefer. Refer to existing tests as a guideline.
### Disclaimer
In the event of a code style violation, a pull request may be left open (or closed entirely) without merging. Keep in mind this does
not mean the theory or implementation of the method is inherently bad or rejected entirely (although if this is the case, it will
be outlined)